Maple Flooring and Hardwood Floors

Maple Flooring

Maple flooring comes in hardwood, laminate, engineered, solid, and several other beautiful forms.

There is a special appeal that maple flooring can provide that no other material can deliver. Maple is a rich material that boasts splendid texture and color, and has been used extensively to create some of the most esteemed and valued furniture pieces over the past few centuries. As maple is a priceless and prized commodity, you can expect the price of maple floors to be rather expensive as well. Maple hardwood flooring and other varieties are often found in the homes of the rich and famous to adorn their lavish homes along with the use of marble and other expensive materials.

With its creamy white color and straight and attractive swirling granules, maple is considered one of the most beautiful types of wood around and it commands a relatively high price in the marketplace. Because of its high resistance to scratches, it makes a great material to use as a floor surface. Its bright, reflective colors make it an attractive addition to any home.

You can choose from soft oak and hard oak flooring, also known as the rock. There are other variations like brown oak, which is actually harvested from the same exact tree as the white maple. The brown maple floors can create a unique appeal, but they are less popular than white maple ones. The whiter version has an array of interesting granules that is visible in the white woods, which makes it extremely fashionable and elegant.

If you are interested in using maple flooring in your own home, you can choose from solid maple hardwood floors and maple laminate flooring, which gives you the same look without the high price tag of solid wood floors. However, laminate maple floors can be less durable than solid maple floors to some extent. Solid wood floors are the best choice to have of you have a big budget and can afford the high price tag of this type of flooring. However, they can be vulnerable to moisture and stains, so it would not be a good idea to install these in your kitchen.

Engineered maple flooring is good if you desire an easy installation and more affordable prices that these engineered pieces offer. These floors are also more durable to moisture and the individual pieces attached to create the planks can move and expand on their own when exposed to water, so they won’t likely crack or become damaged due to spills.

To maintain the impressive look that any maple floors can deliver, you need to be sure that you don’t use soap and water to clean any maple wood flooring. The water can seep into the wood and cause it to fray and feather at the edges, especially if these are unfinished wood items that have no protective sealant to cover them.

Remove all instances of dirt and dust (especially sand) and do not use anything to clean your floors that can scratch the surface of the maple wood. Avoid dragging furniture with sharp edges like nails and metallic ends that can scratch the surface of any maple flooring to ensure that it lasts you for many years to come.