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Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative wall panels add great decor to any wall, with plastic, wood, metal, stone, glass paneling and more made in many styles.

Most people like to decorate the rooms in their home from time to time and this can be done when first moving in to bring your own style to a property or after living there for a while to have a change of look. There are a few options for decorating the walls in a home and these commonly include wallpaper, paint and in some rooms ceramic tiles. However there is another option these days and decorative wall panels can be used as an added touch to existing wall coverings or in some cases as an alternative to these.

Decorative wall panels are typically solid sheets of material that are fitted to a wall to provide an attractive look and they can be produced in a wide range of styles including beadboard, geometric and pebble patterns, to name a few. They can typically be used in any room of a home to make a wall a little more visually interesting, although many are also produced with a practical purpose in mind.

Decorative wall panels can be fitted in a kitchen or bathroom as an alternative to ceramic tiles and they can be used as a backsplash behind a sink and cooker in the kitchen or can be placed on the wall around the bath and shower in a bathroom. Many are produced in waterproof materials, which are mold and mildew resistant and without the grout required for ceramic tiles, they can be easier to care for and clean.

A company that produces decorative wall panels with the bathroom and kitchen in mind is the Swan Corporation. They have a range of wall panels available which are designed to be water and mold resistant and their Model DWP-3696 is an example of this. This model has five different patterns to choose from including Barcelona, pebble and beadboard and these are available in a variety of colors to suit the interior design of any home. The panels have an attractive three dimensional texture, are 36 inches by 96 inches in size and can be glued onto bare wall or over an existing wall covering.

While wall panels with a decorative look can have a practical function they can also be used purely as a fashion accessory in a room. A good option can be on the wall at the top of a bed, above the head board and this can provide a bedroom with a stylish look. They can also easily be used on one wall of a lounge or family room to add a little more interest and this can be especially the case if the room is painted in a single color. However, wall panels can easily be used in a variety of locations and with a little imagination can be used to enhance the interior design of any room.

A company to look to for fashionable decorative wall panels is Innovative Accents. They produce a range of sculpted 3D surface wall panels which can be used to cover part or all of a wall. These are produced in a range of high quality MDF materials with some of those available including Arreis Fiberboard and mediteII. The panels can be custom made to specific requirements, with a range of finishes being available and Innovative Accents are happy to provide price quotes to produce a panel.

If you are looking to add some interest to the walls in your home then decorative wall panels are an option to consider. They have both fashionable and practical applications and this can make them an attractive and useful addition to any room in a property.