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Floating Wood Floors

Floating wood floors are a far more affordable option than traditional hardwood flooring.

Floating wood floors are the result of smart modern technology and engineering. They let homeowners enjoy the beauty of wood flooring over existing floors that may be made from concrete, cement, wood subfloors, and any other types of flooring that may be used as the base for installing floating wood over them. This is considerably less expensive than getting a solid wood floor solution.

Floating hardwood floors make use of strips of wood that are installed over a solid and flat concrete surface like concrete slabs or vinyl floors, allowing you to enjoy the natural appearance of wood in your house without spending a ton of money to install solid wood floors in the area.

Floating wood flooring is great if you live in a humid area where moisture content is high during most times of the year. These are individually installed slabs of wooded planks, so any form of expansion and contraction could effect each and every piece of wood in your floors, warping or cracking them. Floating wooden floors are also perfect in specific areas of a home where humidity may be high. A perfect example of this would be the basement. Another such area may be the kitchen, where water spills and other liquids may come into contact with the surface of the wood floor.

Installation of floating wood floors is very fast and easy too. You can hire a professional to the job for you, or you can even perform DIY floating wood floor installation. You can glue or staple them together for a neat and tidy look.

The newer versions even come with a snap on lock on feature, which you can simply assemble by snapping the individual pieces together without the need for any kind of glue.

Floating wood floors are usually available in one, two,or three strip designs. The single strip design looks similar to a large wooden plank. The two strip units appear as two individual units placed alongside one another. The three strip design result in three narrow strips of wood placed together in unison to create a charming and attractive effect.

The floating hardwood flooring we see today is made from the best quality materials to deliver the same high end look that more expensive hardwood floors provide. However, there are some lower quality materials that make use of lesser quality items to result in lower prices that may be more attractive to you.

You can choose from domestic or hardwood floating wood, which comes in a wide variety of colors. You can even purchase unfinished floating wood floors, which you can sand and finish off yourself. You can stain and paint them to match the theme and color present in the rest of the room.

Naturally, floating wood flooring is are built to last much longer, and you can expect them to hold up well for as far as 40-60 years out, depending on the kind of maintenance you dedicate to keep it looking new and bright. If you are interested in the idea of installing floating wood floors in your home, check out your local stores, or find more information by browsing the various websites offering all styles and varieties of floating hardwood at great prices.