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Floor Cleaning Machines

Floor cleaning machines for tile, wood, concrete, carpet and more surfaces can be found in a range of steam, shampoo, and dry forms online.

The floor is an area of a property that can easily become dirty and whether this is mud and dirt being brought inside on shoes, food and drink spills or just general dust and grime, it is something that needs to be dealt with. Most people will clean the floors of their property on a regular basis and over the years a range of floor cleaning machines have been developed for this purpose.

There are a variety of styles of cleaning devices for flooring and typically the type used will depend on the floor covering. Vacuum cleaners tend to be the most popular for carpets, although a range of floor cleaning machines have also been developed for bare wood, tiled or laminate floors. Both residential and commercial devices are available and while the vast majority of these are available for purchase, it is also possible to rent machines.

A number of manufacturers produce floor cleaning machines for the home and one of the biggest of these is Bissell. An example of their devices is the Flip-It Bare Floor Cleaner 5200. This is available on the market for around $80 and is an upright style bare floor cleaning device that has three different cleaning modes available. These include dry vacuum, wet vacuum and also a drying mode. The device uses a soft scrub brush with changeable pads and these can be machine washed to ensure they are dirt free every time the machine is used on the floor.

Other companies that produce residential floor cleaning machines include Hoover that has the FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Floor Cleaner available at around $80 and Koblenz which has the Cleaning Machine 2-Speed Floor Polisher available for around $155.

There are also a number of cleaning machines for floors which are aimed more at the commercial market. Sanitaire is a company that produces these, with their 17 inch Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning Machine costing around $900 to purchase. This has a two speed operation for effective cleaning and is produced with a heavy duty wrap around bumper meaning it can get close to walls and clean floors without doing any damage.

Larger commercial floor cleaning machines are typically more expensive to purchase. However, many companies sell refurbished equipment which can be a way of keeping down costs. Caliber Equipment has a range of refurbished commercial cleaning machines for floors available with both push and sit-on equipment being available. Cost for these can start around the $500 mark for smaller push machines but can rise up to $10,000 and greater for some of the sit-on machines. A refurbished Tenant 7200 Sit-On Floor Scrubber, for example, is available for around $10,995. Caliber Equipment also has new and used commercial cleaning machines for floors from other manufacturers including Factory Cat, Clarke and Madvac.

Keeping floors clean whether in the home or a commercial property is something that most people want. It improves the look of a property and provides a healthier environment. There are a range of floor cleaning machines available to help with the job and these should ensure that the floor of your property remains clean and in good condition.