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Floor Medallions

Floor medallions add a great touch of decor to any flooring setup, with marble, wood, granite, and even mosaic designs widely offered.

Floor coverings typically come in a wide variety of plain and patterned styles. If you choose a natural material such as wood or stone for the flooring in your home, it can produce a rather uniform look and typically property owners will use decorative touches to break this up a little. There are a variety of options for this, although if you want to produce a high quality and stylish appearance, floor medallions are an option to think about.

Floor medallions are decorative inlays that are most commonly used on hardwood or stone floors. They are usually circular in shape, although it is possible to get square, oval and octagonal medallions and they can be produced with a wide variety of patterns and looks. They are usually set in the centre of a floor to create a decorative centerpiece, although smaller versions can be set in the four corners of a room or other locations.

In common with the flooring they are most typically used with, floor medallions are typically manufactured in a range of wood and stone materials. Options can include a number of hardwoods such as maple, beech and oak and a variety of stone materials including marble and granite. Most companies that produce them will have a range of stock designs available, although many can also produce a custom design such as a company logo or a family crest.

If you like the idea of having a floor medallion built into a floor in your home there are a number of companies that both produce and install them. Czar Floors is one of these and they have flooring medallions available in a wide variety of styles. They produce both wood and stone medallion inlays for floors, with the size of these typically ranging from 14 inches to 72 inches and circular, square and oval medallions are available. The cost for the smaller medallions they produce is around $140, although this can increase to $3,000 and greater for some of the largest medallions they have on offer.

The Medallion Depot is another company that has floor medallions available for sale. They produce a range of round, square, oval and rectangular medallions in stone and these are available in a wide variety of patterns. The costs for the medallions they have available typically start around the $700 mark. The 36 inch square medallions retail for this price and these come in a variety of styles such as flower, knot and scroll works. The larger size circular medallions for floors are some of the most expensive that the Medallion Depot has on offer. The 96 inch diameter medallions can retail for up to $6,500 with the Hawthorne pattern being an example of this.

For those that want to add an attractive feature to some of the floors in their home, floor medallions can be a good option to consider. They will typically produce a high quality and decorative look and are an interior design feature that can bring some impressive styling to a home.