Maple Flooring and Hardwood Floors

Maple Hardwood Flooring

Maple hardwood flooring is one of the most elegant surfaces for floors, with great practical and aesthetic appeal.

Maple hardwood flooring is beautiful, and exceptionally appealing because of its light texture and the intriguing blond color that sets it apart from other types of hardwood floors in the marketplace. You can almost instantly recognize maple furniture from a distance and the same attraction is similarly found in maple hardwood floors. Maple can withstand the high foot traffic that can often come into contact with floors, giving it a great deal of practical appeal on top of its good looks. Maple wood flooring is famous because of its availability, its variations in color, and the durability it provides.

Most of the solid maple hardwood floors we see today come from the U.S and Canadian forests, and some are imported from overseas. The imported versions are known as exotic hardwood floors, while the local ones are refer to as the domestic wood flooring. Exotic maple wood is much more expensive than products manufactured from domestic sources. It is important to note that exotic wood floors tend to be more sensitive to light and if the rooms you plan to install your maple hardwood floors are subjected to plenty of light during the day, you can expect the wood to experience a slight change in color over time.

Maple hardwood floors can be tough on the wallet, but if you are trying to save money you can opt for unfinished maple hardwood flooring, which you can purchase for a much lower price than prefinished hardwood floors. The ones made from more expensive materials will obviously cost you more, and the hardwood maple floors utilizing lower quality materials will be more affordable.

The price of maple wood flooring depends on the grade of the individual wood planes. The most expensive ones show almost no visible imperfections on the surface. The lowest quality maple hardwood floors are often rustic in appearance and show plenty of blemished and knots. The more attractive parts are harvested to create the highest quality maple wood floors. The good thing is, all of these grades have the same strength and durability, and the difference lies in the cosmetic appeal.

Before you consider the type and grade of maple hardwood flooring you want for your own home, it is best to have a few questions answered. The first thing you should think about is the amount of light the space is getting during the day. If the area is exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, then you may want to go with domestic flooring, as the exotic maple hardwood floors tend to change color over the long haul if these are exposed to harsh sunlight. The next thing to consider is the existing furniture you have in the room. It is important to match your maple hardwood floors up with the existing d├ęcor in the room.

Once you have these any maple hardwood flooring in your home, you can always refinish the surface for a totally different look if you are tired of the same appearance after a few years. Maple hardwood floors can be costly to obtain, but the investment can last many years down the line, giving you years of luxury and pleasure if these are present in your home