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Shaw Hardwood Floors

Shaw Hardwood floors is one of the leaders in the world of plank wood flooring, offering a range of both solid and engineered wooden styles.

When moving into a new property or decorating an existing home there are a range of options for the floor covering that can be used. While carpets tend to be one of the common options, there are a variety of alternatives to this and many people like the traditional look of a wooden floor. This can bring a stylish and high class appearance to a home and there are a number of companies that manufacture and fit these with Shaw Floors being one of them. Shaw hardwood floors come in a variety of looks and materials providing the consumer with an excellent selection from which to choose.

Shaw Floors have been in the business of flooring for more than 60 years now. Beginning life as the Star Dye Company in 1946, they have grown into one of the biggest carpeting and flooring producers around. Since 2001 they have been part of Berkshire Hathaway and this has given them the stability to become one of the premier full-service flooring companies in America.

While probably being better known for the carpets they produce, Shaw Floors can also be a good company to look to for other flooring types. Shaw hardwood floors are an example of this and they are manufactured in a few different types. This includes solid hardwood floors in which the planks are produced from a single piece of wood. The Shaw engineered hardwood floors are manufactured from stacked layers of wood which are bonded together using heat and pressure to create a durable floor. Shaw also produces the Epic hardwood floor which is considered a more environmentally friendly option. It is manufactured using a stacked layer technique although it typically uses less harvested wood as the central layers are produced using recycled wood fibers.

Whichever of the Shaw Floors hardwood floor types you prefer, they come in a range of wood types and looks. The company produces hardwood flooring in a number of wood types and this includes species such as oak, walnut, maple and even bamboo. For each wood type there are generally light, medium and dark shades available. This means that the overall range of Shaw hardwood floors comes in a variety of looks such that most people will be able to find a style that suits their taste and also suits the interior design style they are trying to create in their home.

The cost of Shaw hardwood floors will largely depend on the type of wood selected and the type of construction, with the final price obviously being dependent on the area of floor to be covered. The cost for the hardwood floors available ranges from around $4 per square feet for the Epic Heartland engineered oak flooring to around $14 and greater per square feet for the solid hickory flooring. This is typically the cost for the material only and the price will increase depending on whether you want Shaw to install the flooring. However it is possible to do this yourself and there is an instruction manual available if you choose to do so.

There are a number of design centers and retailers around the country that stock Shaw hardwood floors and the simplest way to find the nearest location is to use the dealer finder feature on the Shaw Floors website. By simply entering your zip code or city and state, a list of dealers will be shown in the vicinity of where you live.

Shaw Floors is one of the biggest flooring manufacturers in the USA and with the options they have available they can be a good company to look to when fitting the floors in your home. If you like a traditional look, then Shaw hardwood floors are an option to consider and with the variety of wood types and looks they produce, most consumers should find a style that will work in their home.