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Swiftlock Laminate Flooring

Swiftlock laminate flooring by Armstrong brings the look of natural hardwood to your floor via affordable tiles that are easy to install.

There are a variety of floor coverings that can be used in a home and typically these are available in a range of styles. While natural materials such as wood have been popular over the years, in many cases this can be an expensive option and if you like the look, but want a lower cost then a laminate floor covering is an option. This can be used to mimic the look of natural materials at a more affordable price and if you choose this style Swiftlock laminate flooring is an option to consider.

Swiftlock laminate flooring is produced by a company named Armstrong. They have a long history in business, which dates back more than 100 years and during their time in operation they have developed a wide range of products for floor and ceiling coverings as well as producing cabinet furniture. Their floor covering products include a range of materials and this includes hardwood, vinyl, linoleum and laminate flooring.

Swiftlock laminate flooring is one of Armstrong’s better known products and it comes in a variety of styles that can produce the look and texture of natural materials such as wood and stone. It is typically made up of four layers which comprise a wearing layer which is designed to help protect the material from stains, a design layer which is used to mimic the look of a natural material, an inner core which provides strength and a backing layer which acts as a moisture barrier to protect the flooring from water problems. This construction makes them an extremely durable floor covering which should last a long time in place.

An advantage of choosing a Swiftlock laminate floor is that it is simple to install. It uses an easy Lock & Fold installation technique, which generally means that professional installation is not a requirement. Many people will be able to lay the floor themselves and this can help to reduce costs.

If you decide that Swiftlock laminate flooring is a style you would like to use then there are a number of outlets that stock the product. This includes Armstrong showrooms, specialty flooring retailers and home improvement centers. The Armstrong website has a dealer locator available and this can be a simple way to find a company in your area that has Swiftlock laminate floor coverings from Armstrong available.

The cost of Swiftlock laminate flooring will typically depend on the style selected. Lowes for example has a variety of Swiftlock Laminate floor options available and the price for these can vary from around $1 per square feet for options such as the Oiled Gunstock Oak Laminate flooring to around $3.50 per square feet for the Swiftlock Chronicles Jakarta Teak look. It can therefore be a reasonably affordable floor covering to choose.

If you like the look of a natural material floor but want to keep the cost of installing it down, a laminate floor is an option to consider. Swiftlock laminate flooring has a range of looks available at affordable prices and when looking for ideas for the floors in your home it can be a good product to consider.